Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Monday, April 8, 2013

Army Profile: Steele's World Eaters (pic heavy)

Slick here again. Today we have another post to share in our Army Profile series. Unfortunately, due to time conflicts we weren't able to do a video for this army so we're doing this profile with pictures and an email interview.

Our army profile today is Bryan Steele's World Eater army. You may know Bryan from his work with Dark Age or more recently as the editor for the excellent Ravage Magazine! Let's dive right into this excellent collection!

"When did you first start playing Chaos Space Marines, specifically World Eaters, and what drew you to this army?"
------------------>> I began building my World Eaters as an accompanying force to my friend's Khornate Demons about 5 or 6 years ago. I have always been a fan of the dichotomy between a tactically superior Legion of space marines that devotes itself to wholesale slaughter.
"How many points do you estimate your World Eaters to be at?"
------------------>> I can easily field 3,500 points all fully painted, but over 7,000 points if I throw in my unpainted stuff.
"What was fun and/or challenging about building and painting the army?"
------------------>> I am a huge fan of conversions, and so if I can hack it, cut it, reshape it or otherwise make it original...I do. This has meant that a lot of work goes into each model; especially the larger vehicles and monstrosities.
"Tell us about any conversions or unique features of your collections?"
------------------>> The biggest conversion is a mostly scratchbuilt Angron Daemon Primarch that stands about 10" tall and has an 12" wingspan. He hasn't been painted yet, but he is impressive (We'll get a pic when he's done - Slick). The conversions that most people recognize in my armies right away are the two Forgeworld Blood Slaughterers that I turned into a Forgefiend and Maulerfiend after the new codex came out. I love them!
"Do you have any Apocalypse additions for this army?"
------------------>> Aside from Angron himself? I have a heavily converted/scratch-built Cauldron of Blood made from some resin parts and a heavily carved up Land Raider. The cauldron in this thing is filled with red-tinted acrylic water effects, so it really does look like it is filled with boiling blood!
"Do you have any expansions planned? If so, what will you add?"
------------------>> I have a lot of stuff left to paint for my World Eaters, but with the release of the new Daemons Codex I'm thinking about expanding Khorne's influence into some allies from the Immaterium...
"Thank you for taking the time to share your army with us!"
----------------->> My pleasure!

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