Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Monday, April 22, 2013

Forge World: Necron Tesseract Ark and Sentry Pylons

Slick here again with another Forgeworld update. Necrons are really getting some love with the new Imperial Armour. Check out the Tesseract Ark and Sentry Pylons below! Both of these add some cool new toys for the Necrons. The Sentry Pylons in particular could serve as a gun emplacement in a regular game of 40K for Aegis lines or bunkers.

Will any of you Overlords add these units to your Tomb World forces?

Necron Tesseract Ark
Necron Tesseract ArkThe Tesseract Ark is one of the most powerful Necron war machines encountered on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium, and so sophisticated is its design, it can be manufactured only by the most adept of Crypteks. Built around a contained singularity torn from the heart of a dying star, in battle the Tesseract Ark can siphon the destructive energies of this captured star-fragment and unleash them in a variety of terrible ways. The armoured bulk of the Tesseract Ark is  also surrounded by a gravitic distortion effect, a potent defensive mechanism.

Necron Sentry Pylons 
Necron Sentry Pylon with Gauss ExterminatorThe stasis-tombs of the Necrons are vast and shadowy edifices, and many an Imperial Explorator expedition has made planetfall on a dead world only to vanish without trace; slain at the hands of the unliving guardian-constructs that watch over their slumbering masters.
Among these defences are automated weapons platforms of strange design known as Pylons. Some of these are huge, cyclopean constructs, but Imperial tactical logisticians have codified smaller, tactical variants as Sentry Pylons. These powerful devices are arcs of glittering metal equipped with a weapons array that can strike down enemy aircraft at ranges so great as to be almost beyond comprehension. Some are outfitted with a gauss exterminator array, a larger and more potent example of the hellish energy weapons carried by the Necron soldiery. This can be employed against ground targets with no loss of effectiveness, scouring vast areas clear of life and cutting buildings down to little more than smoking rubble.

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