Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Incoming: Australian Naval Battle Group for Dystopian Wars

Slick here again. Spartan Games revealed another new fleet (technically two new fleets) with the Austlian nation (Royal / Commonwealth). This is an exciting addition for Britannian and Covenant players or just those looking for something different. The ships really blend the aesthetic of several existing factions into something unique. It will be interesting to see what these new fleets can do. The small torpedo boat tokens from the Italians appear to be carried over in the form of some sort of small craft tokens for the Aussies as well. This is definitely a fleet that we're eagerly anticipating. Check out the description and pic from Spartan Games below and be sure to check out the Spartan Games website!

The Chinese Federation is not the only new nation to rock the foundations of Dystopian Wars. Check out the new Australian Naval Battle Group! When the Australian nation split into the Royal Australians and the Commonwealth of Australia, each side took with them half of the Australian Fleet. Brand new ships at the time, they have now seen many years of service under both flags, constantly being re-armed and refitted to their owner’s requirements. Royalist ships have been ungraded with the finest advancements in Britannian gunnery and shield technology, whilst the Commonwealth, with their close ties to the Covenant of Antarctica, have upgraded their ships to carry energy-based weapons. The parts necessary to make either Australian faction are included in the Naval Battle Group.

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