Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, March 23, 2014

News: Wave 4 Imperial Abilities

There's some exciting new news for Wave 4 ships for X-Wing! Let's take a look at the latest info from a Galaxy Far Far Away...

This popped up on Game Trade Magazine the other day:
X-Wing players will find that the TIE defender makes ease of a great number of combat situations. It balances a strong attack value of “3” with an equally strong agility, and it also benefits from three shields that can protect it from early hits. The TIE defender is also one of the fastest starfighters in the game, and while it has a harder time making a number of sharp turns than other TIEs, it is the only starship in the game at this point with a white Koiogran turn printed on its maneuver dial.

Yes you read that correctly! A white-K-Turn. That makes the Defender incredibly maneuverable, being able to attack from virtually anywhere, giving opponents one more thing to plan for.

Meanwhile, the Phantom has some nasty abilities as well. Check out what the cloaking device adds:

When a TIE phantom cloaks, its owner places a cloak token next to the ship. While cloaked, its agility value is increased by two. A TIE phantom that is cloaked cannot attack, but it may spend its cloak token to decloak during the Activation phase immediately before its owner reveals its maneuver dial.

That's right, while cloaked you're rocking an amazing 5 defense dice. You get even more survivable at range 3 and/or through asteroids, a potential 7 dice if I understand it correctly. It isn't all defense though as once you de-cloak the Phantom's 4 attack dice will put out some serious hurt.

These are exciting times for X-Wing with Imperial Aces, the big ships, Wave 4, and now Rebel Aces being announced. Get ready for starfighter battles to intensify as players learn to deal with all kinds of new pilots and upgrades.

Which ships are you  most looking forward to?

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