Indiana 40K Championship

Indiana 40K Championship


Sunday, March 2, 2014

X-Wing: Imperial Aces Preview and Discussion

Imperial Aces for Fantasy Flight Games' X-Wing is set to arrive sometime in March and it's time for Imperial players to get excited! It seems like a long time ago in a galaxy far away that Wave 3 released and the while there have been previews of new ships since then there have not been any releases. This is just what the game needs to get players going again and to shake up the meta.

The box set will bring two custom-painted TIE Interceptors to the table with a host of new pilots and upgrades. Let's dig right in:

Lietenant Lorrir at pilot skill 5 might not always be shooting first but he takes barrel roll to the next level. Tetran Cowall's skill 7 puts him up there with the other super-elite pilots and his ability to k-turn at speeds 1,3, or 5 can set up some nasty surprises, and for just one more point than Lorrir.

Next up, we have the other two pilots. The generic royal guard pilot comes in at an impressive pilot skill 6 and only 22 points! The most elite pilot from this set is Carnor Jax who will want to be up close and personal with enemy ships (preferably out of their firing arc!). He will be able to finish off ships by ignoring focus and evade tokens. The way his ability works means that he essentially debuffs all enemy ships in range 1. Ideally, enemy pilots would end their move close to him, they won't get their focus/evade and then Jax would move close to last with his high pilot skill, hopefully flying out of enemy firing arcs and pouncing on some poor ship.

(All pics from BoardGameGeek)

The upgrades are all very good and will see plenty of use. Royal Guard TIE is a free title which will unlock some more upgrades for any interceptors you give it to. Hull Upgrade is an interesting modification and can really increase the survival chances of TIEs but really any ship. I'd expect this one to see a lot of play. Targeting Computer essentially grants targeting lock to any ship so expect this to pop up on all kinds of Imperial builds. This really gives you some extreme flexibility with Interceptors.

What do you guys think about the Imperial Aces set? How many will most players want to get? If you're mainly a Rebel player, what scares you the most from this new set?

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